Darity Wesley, is an award-winning, best selling author, attorney, speaker, book coach and evolutionary leader. She has traveled the spiritual, metaphysical, esoteric and personal development path for many decades and has become a powerful resource for the application of evolving consciousness, which so many on this planet are experiencing at this time. She is now providing Wisdom for the New Reality through articles, videos and podcasts.


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Navigating the New Reality

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Here’s a sample of one of Darity’s latest videos featuring the evolutionary tool of LETTING GO:

In this video Darity shares:

(When we let go…) we expand and yet, while we cannot really see the details of what’s next, it is when we go through the center of our fears and insecurities and trust that even though there are not any physical signs of what our next step will be, we can step into our Heart’s Knowingness, with Love and Trust, and know it will be there when we are ready for it!

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Listen to Darity’s latest podcast from Yoga Unplugged with Sarah Burchard. What if instead of trying to avoid death we allowed ourselves to grieve it fully and get comfortable with the inevitable, so that we can welcome it into our lives with love and grace? In this podcast, Darity shares some of her own personal experiences preparing loved ones for death, releasing the fear of death, coping with loss and more.