Introducing NEW Mini-Courses for 2023

Navigating the New Reality

We all know there is so much going on right now, right? We all know that what we feed the field matters. Our state of being affects every facet of our lives as well the collective we are all a part of. That is part of the New Reality.
While each and every one of our lives are being impacted by these personal, professional and spiritual changes that are happening at this time, there seems to be a theme running through what is going on right now and that is:
How can I best traverse these changes without driving myself crazy, getting too locked into the trauma and the drama and finding a way to navigate the fear, the anger, the worry about what’s next?

I have meditated upon and contemplated these issues and have been guided to share what works for me and what Spirit has to share through me for you. So, in 2023, I will be offering a series of mini-courses (30-40 minutes each) called Navigating the New Reality.

The mini-courses will give you…

* Tips and tools to find your unique way to thrive in these changing times

* Powerful practices to support your journey

* Techniques to traverse these changing times without driving yourself crazy

* Practical ways to navigate fear, anger and worry about what’s coming next

* Answers to your questions and finding solutions together

Though not every one of the things I’ll be talking about works for everyone, we are all individuals after all, there are ways to integrate what does work for you from what comes up and I am always happy to support your journey as best I can.

The mini-courses will be on Zoom. I will share my thoughts and then take questions from the participants. Each mini-course is being offered on a sliding scale starting at $20.00 ~ $30.00 ~ or $60.00 USD. You choose which best suits your pocketbook at this time.

These mini-courses will give you experiences, thoughts and solutions you may have on your mind. You will be able to ask questions and get actionable techniques to make your life better now and support you on your journey.

I sure hope you will join us! The New Reality is here … now … are you ready? Come with me let’s thrive, not just survive. Let’s embody our Timeless True Selves! Life is good, let’s really feel it!



The first mini-course is Meet & Monitor Your Monkey Mind. A good first step in Navigating the New Reality!

Just as a monkey swinging through the trees grabs one branch and lets go only to seize another, so too, that which is called thought, mind or consciousness arises and disappears continually both day and night. -Buddha

The Monkey Mind is a Buddhist term meaning “unsettled, restless, indecisive, uncontrollable.” All humans have one. And for thousands of years yogis, monks, sages, philosophers and many other have tried to figure how to tame and train that Monkey Mind. An untamed monkey runs a muck, causing us untold amounts of mental, emotional and spiritual suffering.

Experience the benefits of taming that Monkey Mind!

When we are able to recognize and tame that Monkey Mind, we open the doors to greater clarity, less stress and worry, more energy and creativity and much more peace in our lives.

I have been working with my own Monkey Mind for many years, with very powerful results, and I look forward to sharing with you what I’ve learned. I have a lot of tips to share!

We held our first session of Navigating the New Reality. The first mini-course was called Meet & Monitor Your Monkey MindWhat fun!!! A good first step for Navigating the New Reality! 
I shared with participants how I met my Monkey Mind, hints to know it’s your Monkey Mind you are seeing, feeling, listening to, and then ways to monitor it so you get a feel for its perspective on things ~ All of which supports our journey to more coherence and inner peace. I’m all for that! You, too? If so, I invite you to purchase access to the class recording and join us!


Coming up Next…


March 4, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time


In this mini-course, Tame & Train Your Monkey Mind, you’ll learn how to begin taming and training your monkey mind.

The mini-course will be recorded, so if you are unable to attend at that time you will be able to watch it at a later time. All registrants will receive a link to the recording.

Here’s how to register:

  1. Please complete the registration form:

  2. Choose your course registration amount, $20.00 ~ $30.00 ~ or $60.00 USD or more, and click on this PayPal link to send payment:

We will be sending everyone who registers a Zoom invite as the date approaches.

Thank you! I appreciate you joining me and look forward to our time together.