Introducing NEW Mini-Courses

Please watch my video below for an introduction:

The Monkey Mind Video Series

The Five Keys to Freedom Series

Navigating the New Reality

We all know there is so much going on right now, right? We all know that what we feed the field matters. Our state of being affects every facet of our lives as well the collective we are all a part of. That is part of the New Reality.
While each and every one of our lives are being impacted by these personal, professional and spiritual changes that are happening at this time, there seems to be a theme running through what is going on right now and that is:
How can I best traverse these changes without driving myself crazy, getting too locked into the trauma and the drama and finding a way to navigate the fear, the anger, the worry about what’s next?

I have meditated upon and contemplated these issues and have been guided to share what works for me and what Spirit has to share through me for you. So, beginning in 2023, I will be offering a series of mini-courses (30-40 minutes each) called Navigating the New Reality.

The mini-courses will give you…

* Tips and tools to find your unique way to thrive in these changing times

* Powerful practices to support your journey

* Techniques to traverse these changing times without driving yourself crazy

* Practical ways to navigate fear, anger and worry about what’s coming next

* Answers to your questions and finding solutions together

Though not every one of the things I’ll be talking about works for everyone, we are all individuals after all, there are ways to integrate what does work for you from what comes up and I am always happy to support your journey as best I can.

These mini-courses will give you experiences, thoughts, solutions and actionable techniques to make your life better now and support you on your journey.

I sure hope you will join us! The New Reality is here … now … are you ready? Come with me let’s thrive, not just survive. Let’s embody our Timeless True Selves! Life is good, let’s really feel it!

Taming the Monkey Mind Video Series

The first video series in Navigating the New Reality is about taming the Monkey Mind. A good first step in learning how to navigate the New Reality!

There are two sessions in this series:

  1. Meet & Monitor Your Monkey Mind
  2. Tame & Train Your Monkey Mind

What is the Monkey Mind? The Monkey Mind is a Buddhist term meaning “unsettled, restless, indecisive, uncontrollable.” All humans have one. And for thousands of years yogis, monks, sages, philosophers and many other have tried to figure how to tame and train that Monkey Mind. An untamed monkey runs a muck, causing us untold amounts of mental, emotional and spiritual suffering.

Just as a monkey swinging through the trees grabs one branch and lets go only to seize another, so too, that which is called thought, mind or consciousness arises and disappears continually both day and night.


Experience the benefits of taming that Monkey Mind!

Darity has been working with her own Monkey Mind for many years, with very powerful results, and she welcomes the opportunity to share what she’s learned.

“When we are able to recognize and tame that Monkey Mind, we open the doors to greater clarity, less stress and worry, more energy and creativity and much more peace in our lives.”

When we take control of our thoughts and become friends with our monkey mind, we become free. What that freedom brings is a calmer state of mind, the ability to process emotions better, to clear roadblocks to your power and feel less anxious, less depressed or feeling alone in the world. And to be better able to overcome negative thinking and habits.

This course will be presented in two individual video sessions.


The 5 Keys to Freedom Video Series

The second video series in Navigating the New Reality is The 5 Keys to Freedom. Discover the keys that open the inner doors to personal freedom and experience the extraordinary freedom of becoming your true, authentic self!

There are five sessions in this series. Each session covers one of the five essential keys.

Key #1: Accept Yourself

Key #2: Lose the Past

Key #3 Allow Yourself to be Vulnerable

Key #4 Stop Caring What Others Think

Key #5 Be Open and Honest

Over the course of Darity’s life experience, she has discovered five keys that have been essential in helping her to become her True Self. She has learned that the real you comes from the heart, and the journey there provides challenges and opportunities to gain deeper meaning from our emotions, to draw boundaries with people who are toxic, to better nurture and care for ourselves.

Join Darity as she explores each of these Five Keys to Freedom. Discover how to become truly free. Free to be yourself, the REAL you! Free to step more and more into who you really are, onto your new Timeline in the New Reality. Free to embody your Timeless True Self.

“It is certainly the most challenging, and yet most rewarding journey possible, and I am excited to share these keys with you!”

This course will be presented in five individual video sessions, each covering one of the five keys.