speaker-ovalLotus Wisdom Consulting

Darity is available to consult with you personally, professionally or spiritually. Having practiced law for 35 years, her counsel is trustworthy and you have a confidential ear to share whatever is going on with you. Her personal career moved from legal secretary to Paralegal to Corporate Attorney to Entrepreneur to Wisdom Sharer. She has had personal, professional and spiritual success at every step, which she loves to share.

She has many decades of life experience, including a long road of esoteric, metaphysical, spiritual learning and practices. All of which is available for your support.

Business, personal development, self- discovery and getting real are Darity’s favorite topics. She has written award winning books which support changes in your life. Since there are many issues we have to deal with, especially in these changing times, Darity is here to support you in whatever it is that you would like to discuss with someone who is outside your normal, every day life.

Consultation Fees: 30 minute ($75.00), 60 minute ($125.00) or 90 minute ($200.00) at the topic of your choice.

Please contact Darity to schedule your FREE 10-minute consultation trial!