Here’s a sample of Darity’s Wisdom for the New Reality. This one is from October 2021:

Hello and Howdy! Well, here we are in October! Whee … welcome to the last quarter of 2021!

What I love about October, in particular, me being me, is that we get to welcome Samhain at the end of this month, along with All Hallows Eve, Halloween and, of course, my birthday!!! Yay!!!

Samhain is an ancient Celtic tradition that marks the midpoint between the Fall Equinox and the Winter Solstice. In modern times, Samhain (a Gaelic word pronounced “SAH-win) is usually celebrated from October 31 to November 1 to welcome the harvest and usher in the dark half of the year. There are many Samhain traditions and some say that it is the root beginning of Halloween. Celebrants believe that the barriers between the physical world and the spiritual world are open during Samhain, which allows great interaction between those in the physical and those not in the physical. It can be a great time to contact those on the other side, while the veils between the worlds are the thinnest. Happy Samhain!

A Reflection on these Shifting Sands …

As I look back over the past month of September, it feels like it was a relatively smooth month, considering all the chaos the world is going through. It just seems that there was nothing too high and nothing too low. Just a one foot in front of the other kind of month.

The full Harvest Moon on the 20th of September did bring in some exceptional energies that kept us kind of flying with the energy of that time to the end of the month. Ending, of course, with the last Mercury retrograde of 2021, which began on the 27th of September. (Be sure to check the Forces at Play in the Universe below for more detailed information on the energies of this particular Mercury Retrograde.)

The wide array of physical sensations and experiences so many of us had in August seemed to relax more in September. However, astrologers say we are in for a wild ride through the end of the year, so we probably want to put all our evolutionary tools into play for the next three months!

I am so grateful we are walking each other home.

Tapping Into Our Wisdom ~

As I tap into the energies coming for this month of October, what comes up is that we need to tap into our inherent wisdom with whatever it is we will be encountering along our path. There is so much coming at us from so many different places and it’s important to understand that with these transformational times, there really are no templates. There are no religions or healing practices that we can hold on to. The world is changing before our very eyes. We are here, each and every one of us, to support its transformation. We are best suited at this time to simply allow ourselves to grow, to evolve, nurture, flower and mature … following our own Spirit, understanding and constantly remembering to step into our sovereignty, expanding and contracting to our very own rhythm.

One of the ways we do that is to tap into our own inner wisdom. Have you ever tapped into your inner wisdom before? Do you know what it feels like or sounds like? Do you trust that you have it? Do you think you have to be old to have it? Have you even wondered about it? Well, I feel tapping into our very own sovereign wisdom (which we ALL have) is our focus for this month of October. Taking the time to listen to that inner voice within will really support us, now and actually through the end of the year, if we keep it at the forefront of our mind.

Now, wisdom is another one of those words that are bandied about a lot these days. A lot of people assign wisdom only to the elderly or to those over a certain age. Truth be told, wisdom is not an age-related concept. It is, however, a state of being concept.

While some older folks might think there is no wisdom to be found in youth, people can have wisdom and experience its power at any age. As you know, I like to look at how a word is defined in the dictionary because it gives us a foundation to build an understanding of what our practices are, with more clarity than just thinking we know what the word means. So, in our quest for a definition of wisdom, Webster’s II New Riverside Dictionary defines wisdom as insightful understanding of what is true, right, enduring. Also, native good judgment. When one is wise, one has awareness and discernment. See, nothing in its definition is age-related. Wisdom sounds like something that we are and do.

What about insightful? Do you have a feeling about what insightfulmeans? If wisdom is insightful, then we should know that insightful is defined as having or showing a deep understanding, perceptive. We can certainly see how wisdom then, being insightful with good judgment, plays into stepping into our sovereignty and following our own spirit in the truth of the matters around us.

This year of 2021 has provided many breakthroughs and/or breakdowns which we have talked about all along the way. And these breakdowns and breakthroughs have provided us opportunities to go deeper, vaster and broader, expanding who we are more than ever before. We have moved through lots of different energies this year so far, and there are more coming. We will continue to ground our visions, remain flexible as we walk along our path, completely integrate integrity and conviction, be more kind and compassionate and use our discernment on this, our evolutionary journey. It is certainly clear that this year has truly brought us to new levels of understanding which has led us to new levels of wisdom.

We really are “wise old souls.” We have reached a place in our spiritual lives, our evolution, where we are attaining the highest levels of human consciousness and are now able to be our own teachers and guides. The truth is, when we hear we are the ones we have been waiting for, it really pertains to us being our own teachers, our own guides, our own gurus. We have moved from grasshopper to the Sifu. Lots of folks may not feel ready to take on the mantle of Sifu, or Master, but it is truly there for anyone who has done or is doing the work.

When we have done or are doing the work, we know that the Truth, with a capital T, is not outside of us. It is within us. It is what resonates with us, with our heart. No one really has the answers for us. Only we do. Others can, of course, be signposts or guides to help us listen more to our own intuition, our own inner knowing. But that is really all we need as we have all the wisdom we need to move us to wherever we want to go.

I am so connected with you at the heart level! I am tapping into my wisdom and sending you love, joy, peace and blessings from my heart to yours! Thanks for being here with me! I love you so much!


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Forces at Play in the Universe

You know I check in with a variety of astrologers to see what the Forces at Play in the Universe are all about for the month. There are, as usual, changes happening in the heavens affecting us right now.

Mecury Retrograde

First, Mercury has gone Retrograde. Mercury went retrograde on September 27th and will stay so until October 18th. And then it takes a couple of weeks before things get rolling again. So, mark your calendars.

Here’s some information on this Mercury Retrograde from by Elizabeth Gulino:

Here it is — the final Mercury retrograde of 2021. So far this year, we’ve made it through a mentally exhausting retrograde in Aquarius and a chaotic, gossip-loving retrograde in Gemini. But this time, we might be catching a bit of a break. From September 27 to October 18, the speedy planet will be doing its backwards dance in Libra, a sign known for being peaceful and harmonious — and relationship-oriented.

Libra is ruled by Venus, the Planet of Love and Affection, and as a result our social lives will be the star of this retrograde. This transit ‘will deepen the need to recalibrate our most important relationships, a theme that was started by the sun’s entrance into Libra,’ according to Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for

Retrogrades tend to be opportunities to reflect on certain areas of our life. ‘Since Libra is the sign of one-on-one partnerships, Mercury retrograde will have us revise, review, and rethink how we are relating to one another as a way to find more balance and fairness within our most important bonds,’ Montúfar says. During this transit, we’ll be asked to consider how we relate to all of the people in our lives, including romantic partners, friends, family, and even our coworkers, and how we can make our communication more harmonious …

Of course, this is still a Mercury retrograde, and as such, we should still expect some communication mishaps. From October 5 to October 10, Mercury is going to meet with Mars, which could trigger intense exchanges with our nearest and dearest, according to Montúfar. ‘We must be careful with what we say, and most importantly, how we say it,’ she warns. ‘When Mars and Mercury meet, words can feel like weapons, and around this time, we could really say something that we, later on, could regret.’ 

Word of advice? Zip it — or, at least, think before you speak. Retrograde or not, that’s always a good idea when communicating with others.

So, how do we prepare for it all? It’s pretty simple and gentle: Take it easy. ‘Retrograde Mercury is part of the natural cycle of life and it is not anything out of the ordinary as it occurs so often,’ says Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer at ‘Everything serves a purpose and the purpose of a retrograde Mercury is to slow down a bit.’ …

So, take a breath. We’ve been through, and survived, chaotic, questionable retrogrades before, and this one is no different. We know the basics of what Mercury retrograde does to us — technological mishaps, chaotic travel, brain fog, and misunderstandings. But if we prepare, this transit could just be another bump in the road of a rocky 2021.

‘This Mercury retrograde is going to go in like a Real Housewives Reunion show and go out like the end of a SoulCycle class,’ says Murphy. ‘It’s going to start out dramatic, uncomfy, and maybe even a touch snarky in the way it calls you out.’ But once we’re on the other side, it’s all going to be worth it. Murphy says we’ll get the clarity we need — even if we have to sweat a little to get there.

Here’s the full article: The Last Mercury Retrograde of 2021 Is Here, & It’s Coming For Your Relationships

Amplified Intentionality

Lorna Bevan from Hare in the Moon Astrologyreports out in her 5D Report for October 2021 that “in October, the frequencies are pulling us towards 2022 as the planetary momentum really begins to accelerate. After months of retrograde, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury will all turn forward one after the other – a signal to engage in amplified intentionality as we are drawn into the turbulent slipstream of the seismic Super Moons, Eclipses and Solstice of November and December…

During the next 3 months, our bandwidths of experience will shift and expand as we acclimatize to the clearer, higher futurist Aquarian Field. From now on, many different Stepping Stone Worlds exist for everyone and each of us is operating on our own unique frequency – our evolving time-line bandwidth. One size does not fit all. Notice, though, how many others you thought were on your wavelength seem to have been locked in to a lower time-line in recent months …

You can purchase her 5D Reports on her website, I highly recommend them.

CLICK HERE for more from Lorna Bevan

And as I always say, Stay Aware and Alert, eh? I’m with you darlin’!!!

My Wisdom for the New Reality Video ~ Regrets

This month’s short Wisdom for the New Reality Video is about Regrets …

Learning to constructively deal with regret can help us turn our monkey mind around and embrace the lessons, step into gratitude and not punish ourselves. When we use our regrets in this manner, we learn more about ourselves and therefore are more able to trust ourselves, love ourselves and forgive ourselves.

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Staying aware and alert to the situations that arise this month and then going deeper to understand and integrate will support the building of the foundation of the New Reality.

I am so glad you are on this journey with me!

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Until next time … have a wonderful September and take time to open up more and more at every opportunity!

Big Hugs and Lots of Love,

October 2021 Issue

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